Recorded Audio Teaching

See below for a list of recordings of Reverend Jaynes’ audio lectures.
All lectures are arranged by date, beginning with the most recent.

He Touched Me

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ

Esther, Mordecai and Haman


Figure of Speech in the Bible

How the Bible Interprets Itself In the Verse and In the Context

The Reverence of God

The Unforgivable Sin

Let Us Do Good

God’s Safety Meeting

Asking God

How to Receive Anything From God, Step One

Spiritual Security

Stand and Withstand

The Honest Report

The Spirit of Truth and The Spirit of Error

Dealing with the Dead

Preach the Good News

Does God Change?

Dynamic Change

Saul the Changed Man, Paul

David and Goliath, Lessons from God’s Word

The Mystery Revealed

Romans and the Marriage Service

God Wants you to be Successful

Scripture Alone

Reading, Exhortation, and Doctrine

An Overview of the Bible, part 2

Godly Response to Pressure

Youth Advance Review

Our Authority in Christ

The God of All Comfort

How to Read the Gospels


Increase our Believing

The Apostles Doctrine

How We Got the Bible

Knowing the Scriptures

How to get Born Again

The Workman of The Word

Much More Than Just Invited

How to Receive Anything From God, Step Three

Believing, Do Your Duty

The Encouraging Word

Imitating Jesus Christ

Jesus Came

Giving and Receiving

Be Strong in Service

Get Ready, Change is a Coming

The Foolishness of Preaching

We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men

Jesus Christ Becomes Public Enemy Number One

Do and Done

The Last Supper in Review

The New Birth Spirit, Christ in You

The Radio Interview


Working it out with God

Reading, Exhortation, and Doctrine, part 2

Paul’s Manner of Entering

The War

Healing and Deliverance is Available Today

The god of this World is Defeated

The Birth of Jesus Christ

Paul’s Manner of Entering In


Introduction to Orientalisms in the Bible

Scriptural Usages

The Deliverance of God

The More Abundant Life

The New Birth, Seed

How to Believe Rightly

More Than Just Invited

How to Receive Anything From God, Step Two


A Change in the Template

Every Man Makes his Decision

Remember The Word

Hanging with Jesus

Freely you Have received, Free Give

Round Table Discussion on Casting Lots

The Coming Together of the Church

Preaching The Word

To Your Health, God’s Way

God Cares for Us Better

Why We Do What We Do

Not of Works, But Believing


Ask, Confess, Say, and Believe

Reading God’s Work

An Overview of the Bible

The Apostle Whom He has Chosen

God’s Will on Word

The Good News Of Deliverance

His Truth is Marching On

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