Reverend Steve Jaynes holds a degree in Theology and has been ordained as a minister by Faithful in Christ Ministries (whose home church is in Illinois). Reverend Jaynes is also an a advisor to The Board of  Faithful in Christ Ministries. Reverend Jaynes enjoys bringing his deep understanding of the Bible to Bible Students. He endeavors to bring an understanding of the more Abundant Life that Jesus Christ came to make available to others. This understanding brings a more fulfilling life in Christ.

Reverend Jaynes has been very involved in running and teaching fellowships throughout the United States for over 30 years. Jaynes’ teaching ministry was founded to help people get the deliverance of God for themselves and then to be able to help others who will hear them. Reverend Jaynes wants to help others establish their own fellowships in their own homes.

With the conviction that everyone deserves the experience of resurrection and a more fulfilling life in Christ, Reverend Jaynes teaches both live seminars and in online resources that include podcasts, audio recordings, and video lessons. Consistent with his conviction that the teachings from the Bible should be made accessible to everyone. Reverend Jaynes offers his teaching using online media free of charge. His printed book, How to Read the Bible for Understanding and Power, is sent to all participants who make a $25 donation to his ministry. Jaynes currently lives in Bowdoin, Maine. He also travels around the country and even into foreign countries where he teaches live and online courses in the Scriptures.

Steve Jaynes

1176 West Rd, Bowdoin, ME 04287
207-595-1577 • steve@stevejaynes.com