224 – Defeating Fear

Mark 11: 23 & 24:  Jesus said “shall come to pass – not to doubt.

Luke 1:30:  Fear not.

Mark 5:35 & 36:   Be not afraid, only believe.

John 9:1-8, 13-18, 19-23:  Man was born blind.  Years ago in Old Testament, it was written that the Christ would heal a person born blind and that’s how you would know he was the Christ.

Proverbs 29:25:  The fear of man brought a snare – a trap.

Isaiah 8:12:  Neither fear ye their fear nor be afraid, you know & trust God.

Jeremiah 49:24:  Fear has seized on her.

Job 3:25:  Job received that of which he was afraid of.

Psalm 34:4:  God delivers from fear.

Psalm 56:11:  Trust in God – not afraid of Man.

II Timothy 1:7:  Not fear, but (3 things) power, love, and a sound mind.  God did not give us fear.

I John 4:18 & 19:  Perfect love casts out fear – because He first loved us.

What Changed Peter and the Others 

John 20:19:  Behind closed doors – for fear of the Jews.

Acts 2:4:  All filled with the holy spirit.

Acts 2:14, 22 & 23:  What changed him – the power of the holy spirit – information from Jesus & God – Revelation – and the Go Sign – believing and trust in God.

Acts 3:1 – 4:31: [read whole record]

In Acts 2 – They got holy spirit – in 4:31 they were filled with the holy ghost-holy spirit – and spoke the Word with boldness.

The New Birth which is the power of the holy spirit “Nothing but the power of the holy spirit and the knowledge of what you have in the Living Word, in you – takes out the fear –”I was full of fear before I learned what I have in the new birth and believed it” Fear always defeats the promises of God.

Now we believe God’s Word, have confidence in God, and trust in His care for us, we defeat fear.  We have boldness to speak and to help others.

We are full of boldness, full of believing, full of power, full of positives – that’s us.

Until the next time we get together, may God bless you abundantly. 


The Teacher: Rev. Steve Jaynes 

The Announcer: Maurice Coleman 

Intro and Outro Music: Pamela LoVerme Janovyak, Her version of “Be Thou My Vision” from her CD Behold 

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