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Reverend Steve Jaynes offers a giving heart and deep understanding of Scripture. Check out his podcasts, audio recordings, and video lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Welcome to the home of Reverend Steve Jaynes, minister, author, and teacher.

For many decades, Reverend Jaynes has been guiding individual worshippers to a blessed and inspired life in Christ. As an ordained minister and committed teacher, Jaynes aims to lead his followers to a better understanding of the Bible. So many of us desire a closer relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ; however, a limited understanding of the Bible hinders our understanding. Reverend Jaynes’ ministry is distinguished by its Scripture-based approach to deeper understanding of experience with the Bible as well as its accessibility to individuals around the world who can stream videos and podcasts or dial in on Sunday from around the world.

Ministries are about fellowship, but one’s relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ is personal. That’s why Reverend Jaynes offers a live Sunday morning fellowship that welcomes Bible students to dial in from anywhere in the world.

Steve Jaynes

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